How Can I Add A Recovery Phone Number To Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is the advanced mailing platform that enables its users to send or receive emails with their connections. Yahoo users get unlimited storage on Yahoo cloud to store their emails and other confidential documents securely. Yahoo is loaded with highly efficient functions and sophisticated tools to enrich user’s email experience. Yahoo users can easily search for their emails and contacts using the built-in search feature. Yahoo users access the premium services of Yahoo by subscribing Yahoo pro version. To get help in purchasing the subscription to the Yahoo pro version, users can calland connect with the Yahoo support team through Yahoo Customer Care Number.

Yahoo users can add the recovery phone number and email id with their Yahoo account. If you want help in adding a recovery phone number to your Yahoo account, follow the steps mentioned in the below article. Yahoo users can get in touch with the Yahoo help team to take assistance in managing their contact information.

Procedure to add recovery phone number with to Yahoo account:

  1. Go to the browser of your choice and visit the Yahoo login page.
  2. Enter your login credentials correctly and access your Yahoo account.
  3. On your Yahoo account main page, you will find the Account info option at the top-right corner of your screen.
  4. On the Account info tab, select the Account security option from the left panel.
  5. Now enter your Yahoo account password and access Account security tools.
  6. You will find the add phone number option, click on it.
  7. Now enter the phone number that you want to add to your Yahoo account.
  8. You will verification code on the mobile number you have entered, type the verification code in the space provided.
  9. Click on the ‘Confirm’ button, now your recovery phone number will be added to your Yahoo account.

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