How Do I Quickly Deactivate My Yahoo Account?

Yahoo is one of the prominent email services providing platform that allows people to exchange emails for free. Yahoo is offering endless text editing tools; users can make of these tools to compose customized emails in less time. The emails you share through your Yahoo mail account instantly reach your recipient staying who is kilometers away from you. Yahoo users can also access Yahoo news through their Yahoo account, Yahoo News is a news website that is loaded with lots of latest news articles. Through Yahoo mobile application you can access your emails, view the latest news articles, and manage your travel reservations. Yahoo tools are organized very systemically users can easily access them whenever it is necessary.

If you are no longer using your Yahoo account, you can disable your account at any time by moving your data to another email account. If you deactivate your Yahoo account emails sent to your Yahoo account will bounce back to the sender. You can reactivate your Yahoo account just by signing in to it and confirming your identity. If you want to know more about Yahoo account’s deactivating feature or to get help in deactivating your Yahoo account make use of the Yahoo Customer Service Number and connect with the Yahoo customer care team.

Please do follow these steps if you want to deactivate your Yahoo account:

  1. Open any browser from your system and visit the Yahoo account deactivation page.
  2. Now enter the email address of the yahoo account that you want to deactivate.
  3. Click on the Next button, now enter your account password correctly.
  4. Read the terms and conditions for deactivating your Yahoo account then click on the ‘Continue to delete my account’ option.
  5. Now your Yahoo account will be deactivated.

You can recover your Yahoo account by signing into it within 40days from the day you deactivated your Yahoo account. After 40days your Yahoo account will be deleted permanently. If you want any kind of assistance in reactivating your Yahoo account kindly use the Yahoo support channel of your choice and connect to Yahoo Technical Support Australia.