How to Easily Add Your Yahoo Account to the Android Mail App?

Are you trying to add your Yahoo Mail account to the Android Mail app, but finding it difficult to do so? Then you might be searching for some guidance to get the same done, right? Well, you will surely be able to do as you have finally reached just the perfect place and you will get over with the process within the least time possible. All you would have to do to get started is you need to read this blog right till the end that is it. You will definitely not regret your decision as the steps provided are easy, relevant, and will help you get done with the needful successfully. So no just go ahead and read along.

The following are the steps to help you add your yahoo Mail account to Android Mail App easily:

  • The first thing you got do is press or hold the ‘Menu button or the tap on the Settings tab of your Android device.
  • And after doing so you would have to tap on the ‘Add Account’ option.
  • And then on the displayed page, you will have to enter your full Yahoo full email address as well as password into the provided fields.
  • When you are done doing the above, you just need to give a tap on the Next button to proceed.
  • You now are supposed to optionally adjust your sync settings and then go to tap on Next.
  • Now finally, at last, you just have to enter the name that you would like to display on your outgoing mail, after which you must give a tap on the Next button.

By now you should have completed the above procedure and should be able to access your Yahoo account even better. But if in case you come across any sort of glitches while going through the steps then you need not be worried, as you’ve just got to contact the Yahoo Customer Care Number without any delay or hesitation. And you will be provided with the most eligible and skilled team of technicians who are capable and trained to give you only what is required and useful.