How To Manage The Sync Frequency in a Yahoo Account?

Do you want to manage the sync frequency in your Yahoo account but you do not know how to go about the same? Well, then you surely have come to the perfect place. However, if you need help with other related queries then you just need to get in touch with Yahoo Customer Service. And the highly skilled experts will provide you with the most appropriate solutions within no time.  You will not have to regret calling the team as they are well trained and dedicated to delivering the best solutions.

Follow these steps below to manage the sync frequency n your Yahoo account easily:

  • First of all, you need to return to the ‘Settings > Passwords and Accounts’ option.
  • After that, you will have to tap on the ‘Fetch New Data’ section; it is at the bottom of the current screen.
  • And now you must also tap on the Yahoo Account entry.
  • Next, you need to check ‘Fetch’ and then select the ‘Fetch New data’ at the bottom of your screen to return to the previous screen.
  • Now finally you got to scroll to the bottom of the page and then tap on the frequency that you would like your iPhone to sync with the non-iCloud Mail accounts.

And if you want to remove a synced Yahoo account from your device then you need to follow the steps below;

  • You now need to tap on Settings on your device Home screen.
  • After that, you need to select the ‘Passwords and Accounts’
  • Now go to tap on your Yahoo account.
  • Last, of all, you must tap on the ‘Delete Account’ and confirm the deletion by tapping on the ‘Delete from My iPhone’ option that is in the pop-up window.

By now you should be over with the steps and should be able to get started with your yahoo account. But if you come across any sort of technical issues, then you need not worry, you’ve just got to call the Yahoo Support Phone Number, instantly. After which you will have the technicians’ right there to help you out with the same.