How To Manage Your Yahoo Search Preferences?

Yahoo allows you to customize your Yahoo search experience by setting up your own preferences. This way you can easily change the language of your Yahoo searches, manage or view your search history, filter the content from your search results and even change the layout of how the results showcase on your web browser. If you also want to change your Yahoo language or would like to see your search results in a different way then use the steps mentioned below to manage your preferences:

• If you are using a desktop, then open your web browser.

• Sign into Yahoo and enter a search in the Yahoo search box.

• Select Search and put your pointer on the settings icon.

• Select Preferences and make the changes you want.

• To change your preferences from a mobile device, first of all, Sign in to your yahoo account.

• Execute a search in the search box and select Search.

• Scroll down at the end of the page and then select Settings.

• Now once the preferences tab is open, you can select Languages option to change your Yahoo language, select Search History to view, delete or manage it, click on SafeSearch to filter explicit content out of your search results or simply click on Display and Layout for other settings.

This way you are not all set up to use Yahoo search with your preferences. In case if you find the above steps difficult or need any sort of help with your Yahoo Account. You can contact Yahoo Technical Support Australia to get help for all your concerns regarding Yahoo. Besides you can also help yourself with all these issues by going through the How to blogs available on our website. We have posted blogs for almost each and every problem with Yahoo. Just visit our website now and find the blog or self-help guide related to your issue to resolve it. If you want you can also chat with our technical experts directly through Live Chat and get your problem resolved right away.