How To Quickly Create Events On Yahoo Basic Mail Version?

Yahoo is a well-known communication platform, users can make use of the Yahoo mailing features to stay in touch with friends, family, and co-workers. Yahoo mail is known for its ease of use and flexibility. Yahoo offers dozens of automated tools to help Yahoo users in doing their mailing operations more conveniently. Yahoo account users can keep their Yahoo mailbox well organized with the help of built-in filtering tools. Yahoo customer team is always there for assisting its users, if users are having any kind of confusion in using the built-in tools of Yahoo,they can quickly connect via Yahoo Customer Service Care Number.

Yahoo users can also make use of the in-built calendar tool to create events and invite their connections to the event over the internet. If you want to create events through your Yahoo account, you can step-by-step instructions from the given article or you can take assistance from the Yahoo helpdesk team.

Steps to create events on your Yahoo account:

  • Login to your Yahoo account by accessing the Yahoo login page from the browser of your choice.
  • Now click on the mailbox icon from the top right corner of your screen and access your Yahoo mail.
  • On your Yahoo mail page click on the calendar option and go to the calendar tab.
  • To create events, click on the New Event button from the side panel.
  • An event creation form appears on your screen, fill all the fields on the event form.
  • Select the date and time of your event, if you are hosting an all-day event enable the ‘All-day event’ option.
  • If you want to repeat your event change the repetition settings according to your requirement.
  • Add guests to your event, you can type the email id of the guests or select from your Yahoo contact book.
  • Choose the remainder timing, and add event description.
  • Now click on the Save button from the bottom of your form to save your event.

Yahoo Technical Support Australia is available 24/7 to assists its customers, users can connect with the tech team and report about their queries.