How To Solve The Email Not Received Issue In My Yahoo Mail?

Are you facing issues with sending emails from your Yahoo account? Is it so that the recipient is not receiving your emails? Then you need not worry as your solutions are right in this blog itself. The issues could be several reasons from both sides; therefore here you will have to go through a few checks on both ends to solve the same effectively. And to help you do so we have mentioned it below. However, if you are facing any other related issues instead of this one, then you must Contact Yahoo Support right away to get the best assistance of the highly trained experts. And you will surely not regret your decision as the team will not disappoint you.

Now the following steps are to solve the email not received issues in your Yahoo account; you’ve just got to follow along as instructed:

Solution1- you got to make sure that the email was sent

  • First of all, you would have to have a check on the following;
  • Your sent folder- you need to check if the email was sent successfully.
  • Then for typos- you must make sure the email address that is in the ‘To’ field of your sent email is correct.
  • And finally, check on your drafts folder- if you do not see it in the sent folder, then the email might be waiting to be sent.

Solution2- you must ask your recipient to check their email account, such as the following;

  • The spam folder- it could be that your message had been delivered to their spam folder.
  • The blocked address list- it is possible that your email address may have been blocked by accident.
  • And the filters- this helps to redirect email matching certain keyword criteria to another folder

By now you should be satisfied with the results as the steps provided are reliable and useful to help you get the needful done. But if you encounter any glitches then you just got to dial the Yahoo Customer Service Number. And the technicians will attend to your case as soon as it takes.