How to Use Your Yahoo Mail Account in Outlook Effectively?

Are you facing a hard trying to access your Yahoo Mail account in Outlook? Then you might be searching for some accurate solutions, right? You have definitely come to the right blog and here you will find all the answers to your query. However, if you need help with other related problems then you just need to connect with Yahoo Technical Support Australia, without any hesitation. And the diligent experts will guide you with only appropriate solutions.

Follow the provided steps below to access your Yahoo account in Outlook:

  • You need to first go and sign in to your Outlook email account.
  • And after that, select the Settings tab.
  • You also need to select the ‘View all Outlook settings’ options.
  • And now go to select the ‘Mail and then Sync email’ option.
  • Next, right under the ‘Connected accounts’ section, you will have to select the ‘Other email accounts’ tab.
  • And then in the ‘Display name’ text box, you need to enter the name that you would like to show in the email messages that others receive from you.
  • After doing so on the displayed page you must enter your Yahoo Mail email address and password.

Note: now in case you are using the 2-step verification method for your Yahoo mail account then you would have to enter the app password that you generated.

  •  You now got to choose to either create a new folder for your Yahoo account or you could import your Yahoo mail into the existing Outlook folders.
  • And finally, at last, you’ve just got to give a click on the OK button.

Now if you have a lot of Yahoo messages then the process would take a while for the messages to import.

You should be all set up with your yahoo account working smoothly in Outlook as well. But if you encounter any problem while going through the above steps then you just need to take it easy and immediately give a call on the Yahoo Customer Care Number. The technicians will there to assist you with the solutions required and they will not disappoint you.