How To View The Unread Emails in My Yahoo Account?

There are times that when we are really busy we can forget about some messages in our email inbox, right? Or we might have missed out checking all of them. And if this is your situation too, then in this blog we have the perfect solutions for you. Here you will learn how to view the unread emails in your Yahoo account only by following a few steps. And this way you will be able to have all your unread messages displayed first in your Inbox. And then you can easily read through each message or do as you desire. However, if you have other queries related then you got to get in touch with Yahoo Customer Service Number. You will immediately get the support of the most efficient experts who are always ready and capable to help resolve all the Yahoo issues effectively. You can completely rely on the team for the same as they are committed to delivering the best solutions and services.

Now you’ve got to follow the mentioned steps below as you are guided and you will be able to view your Yahoo ‘Unread’ emails easily:

  • The first step you got to take is that you need to log into your Yahoo Mail account. and then you need to give a click on the ‘Inbox’
  •  After that, you need to go and select the ‘Sort By’ drop-down menu from above your messages. And then you will have the options displayed on your screen.
  • And now finally, at last, you just have to select the ‘Unread’ option and you will have your messages refresh with all of your unread messages appearing on your screen right away as first.

Once you are done going through the above steps you should be good to go with your yahoo account and should be satisfied with the result. Nevertheless, if you come across any sort of technical issues or other related glitches then you must feel free to give a Call Yahoo Contact Phone Number Australia. You will then find out for yourself that you did make the right choice in calling up the technicians here for your support.