Manage Yahoo Account Key In A Few Steps

If you are also tired of remembering and managing multiple passwords, then the Yahoo Account Key is the best choice. It will not only help you in signing without remembering the password but also keeps your account more safe and secure. Once you enabled, Yahoo will send a notification to your mobile, just enter that code and after verification, you will easily abed to login into your account. For that concern only, we are here with its steps, so just read and follow it and in case of any difficulties, do contact Yahoo Support for help.

For setting up the Account key from a web browser, follow the steps given below:

• You need to first go to the Yahoo account security page and then move to the option ‘see how it works’.

• There you have to choose your respective device and then select the option for ‘send me a notification’.

• On your mobile, you will receive some notification, just select approve icon.

• Next, you have to move to ‘always use yahoo account key’ option.

• Finally, you need to confirm your phone number and then sign in to your account without using any password.

For signing up with account key, follow the steps given below:

• First of all, move to the YAHOO SIGN IN PAGE.

• There you have to enter the Yahoo ID, and then press ‘Next’ for moving to the next step.

• Now, a notification will come to your account key enabled device.

• Next, you have to open your device and select the option for ‘account key’ icon.

• Finally, you have to approve it and then you need to enter the verification code for confirming.

Thus, these are the steps by which you can easily manage the Yahoo Account key. For more details related to it, you can visit our website or can directly contact Yahoo Support Australia and in case if you hesitate in calling, you can directly live chat with us.