Simple Steps To Make A New Folder In Your Yahoo Account

Have you been looking for some steps to create a new folder in your Yahoo account? Then you would definitely be glad that you have reached us right? Obviously, now that you know we are known for providing reliable method only that is useful. Here you will for sure get the accurate solutions to your queries you need to just read along.

The steps for making a new folder in your Yahoo account are described below, just go through it and in case of any confusion, you are required to reach Yahoo Support Australia for help. Now moving towards the steps;

• First of all, you need to go to the yahoo official website.

• There you are required to log in by using proper credentials.

• Then you have to move to the main screen, there you would find a folder option.

• You need to just select that and after that, you need to go to the +icon.

• There just name the folder with some suitable name, which is totally upon your convenience.

• After that, you need to go to the option of building a filter.

• So, for the above step, you need to go to the Yahoo settings.

• There you need to select the add option > filter.

• So by following all the above steps, you will able to make a new folder in your account.

Thus we hope this blog helps you in making a new folder in your Yahoo account. But if still, you face any issues or need any related assistance then you have our team of techs here at Yahoo Support that will come to your aid whenever you require help. They will guide you further will any issues related providing you only with relevant solutions that are effective. We have only well-trained experts and they are available at all times round the clock to assist you whenever you face any issues related. You just need to connect with our team without having any second thoughts or hesitation and get to experience the services that our diligent team renders to our customers.