Trouble In Adding My Yahoo Account In Windows 10 Mail App

Yahoo is an excellent mailing platform that is used by billions of users to securely exchange their confidential emails, documents, and files with their connections. Yahoo is bundled with lots of innovative features to provide the best user experience. Yahoo application allows users to efficiently organize their emails, documents, images, and files on their Yahoo account. Productivity tools of Yahoo help users to manage their daily productivity tasks with ease. You can enhance the features of your Yahoo account by switching to the Yahoo premium version.

Yahoo users can access their Yahoo account from other third-party email applications and seamlessly access all the services of Yahoo. Some users may encounter errors while adding their Yahoo account on Windows 10 mail app. If you are also facing the same trouble then you can fix this error instantly by following the steps mentioned in the below article. Yahoo users can also get assistance from Yahoo Customer Support Australia.

Follow these steps to instantly fix this trouble:

  1. If your internet connection is unstable, you will face this issue try connecting your PC with a stable network.
  2. This trouble appears if your Windows 10 mail application is not up-to-date, try to update the mail app then add your Yahoo account.
  3. If you haven’t enabled the IMAP option on your Yahoo account, you will face this issue, you can fix this by enabling the IMAP option on your Yahoo account then try to add your Yahoo account on the mail app.
  4. If your system’s operating system is not updated you will face this issue, try updating your system’s operating system.
  5. Your system’s antivirus software settings may cause this trouble, disable your system’s antivirus then try to add your Yahoo account.

Yahoo users can call and connect with our support agents via Yahoo Customer Service Care Number. Yahoo users can also report their issues by making use of the Yahoo Quick Chat feature. Our experts immediately analyze your complaint reports and get back to you with immediate solutions.