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What Is Yahoo Two-Step Verification?

Suppose you are at your friend’s home and suddenly it reminds of an important email and you need to sign in to Yahoo Account. The simple way to take friend’s laptop and try to sign in but can’t. Because it is asked to enter an authentication code. Yahoo Support takes care for its users in this way.This is all the two-step verification does. As this is first time signing in through a new laptop so, it will ask to enter the code. And that exactly all we need to secure our account from hackers or cyber criminals. Make sure to enter the code within few seconds because it is valid for few minutes only.

What Are The Benefits Of 2-Step Verification?

  • Two-step Verification safeguards any Yahoo account from the risk of getting an attack on to it. To start with two-step verification is not that much difficult task.
  • Yahoo Support gives the best facility to their customer to provide any support. This method should be adopted by everyone who creates an account on Yahoo.
  • It protects from suspicious log-in attempts. In this process, there are two options for verification of identity.

How To Start With 2-Step Verification?

  • Choose mobile phone number to get the authentication code in order to verify user identity.
  • User also has the option to add security question which needs to be answered while logging in to account. Make sure to add the best question for which no one has the idea including your close ones.

Password for Yahoo Mail must be complicated and long so that it becomes difficult for anyone to steal the password. It should have a great strength. Numbers, upper case, lower case and symbols can add protection to the password. Yahoo Mail also gives you an option to add a device as trusted credential if logged in many times from the same computer. So, why not to adopt this method when security is our first preference?

Two-step verification is not a magic that it can guarantee for account safety. But, this works as an extra layer of protection. It makes difficult for cyber criminals to get the details of extra protected account. This reduces the chance of getting victory to them. This method is must for online banking and transactions, cloud storage accounts, productivity apps or any communication app.

If you face any difficulty to enable the two-step verification contact to Yahoo Technical Support Australia and get the best solution from them.

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